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11 March, 2021

Courage Montreal calls for Sue Montgomery to change the name and logo of her new party

11 March 2021, Tio’tia:ke/Montreal: Courage Montreal calls upon Sue Montgomery to immediately remove the name and logo “COURAGE” from her newly founded political party and all associated materials.

Ms. Montgomery has not received permission from Courage Montreal, or Courage Coalition to use its name or logo. Courage Montreal and Courage Coalition do not endorse or support Ms. Montgomery or her organization. Ms. Montgomery is not a member of Courage Coalition.

Courage Montreal was established in 2019 as a Montreal branch of Courage Coalition, a national, non-partisan organization established in 2017. The organization is committed to democratic control of the economy, decolonization and self-determination, an inclusive society, environmental and climate justice, international solidarity and inclusive and asymmetrical federalism.

Courage Montreal has sixty-five local members, and Courage Coalition has over five-hundred members across Canada.

Recent and ongoing Courage campaigns include calls for the return of Indigenous lands, jurisdiction and resources, a federal jobs guarantee as the cornerstone of a zero-carbon, post-pandemic economic recovery, a national public transportation strategy, and solidarity with the Déclaration de Montréal-Nord, Black Lives Matter, and movements for justice in Palestine, Iran, India and Venezuela. 

The political platform of Ms. Montgomery and her organization are not aligned with those of Courage Montreal and Courage Coalition.

“Ms. Montgomery is trying to associate herself and her party with social justice movements that Courage Montreal and Courage Coalition have been working with for years,” said Laura Dunn, a founding member of Courage Montreal. “Appropriating another organization’s name and logo without permission is not the best way to build credibility and relationships with these movements. That is basically the opposite of courage.”


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