About Courage

Who We Are

Courage is a coalition of the independent left. We are building a pan-Canadian, membership-based organization that attempts to bridge the divide between movement and electoral politics. Specifically, we are founded on the belief that elections can be important and consequential, the left needs non-electoral organizations that are focused on pushing forward social and economic transformation – especially when left parties are in power.

Our organization is a space for learning, teaching and collaboration.

Our organization is a space for planning and engaging in collective political action.

We are committed to being inclusive and we are striving to foster a culture of respect and solidarity.

We are a movement, not a party.

We have members inside and outside of the NDP.

We are a work in progress that you can help shape and direct.

Our goals are:

  • Democratic economic control
  • An inclusive society
  • Working with our environment
  • International solidarity
  • Decolonization and self-determination
  • Inclusive and asymmetrical federalism

For more information on these goals, see our Basis of Unity.

For more information about our formation, see our Founding Members and Advisory Board.

What We Do

Courage was launched in early 2017.

In our earlier incarnation—Renewal—we played a role in the grassroots-led ouster of Tom Mulcair as leader of the NDP at the 2016 party convention in Edmonton, and tentative embrace of the Leap Manifesto.

We have developed statements on Internal Democracy in the NDP, Economic & Social Inequality, Indigenous Land Rights and sexual assault, harassment, and the culture of silence in the NDP. Our members organized a phone bank to support Gary Burrill and the Nova Scotia NDP during their provincial election campaign. During the NDP leadership race, we produced an Analysis of the Candidates’ Platforms.

Our members have been actively spreading the word about Courage and our goals, organizing in our local communities and planning future political interventions.

How We Function

People can learn more about Courage via our Facebook page.

Our internal discussions among Courage members take place online via Slack and Facebook and we have regular pan-Canadian meetings via phone and video conferencing.

Decision-making power resides with our membership. Decisions are made through membership votes either in our meetings or via online votes.

Our membership meetings require of a minimum of 40% of attendees to be women, trans or nonbinary to achieve quorum. Women, trans and nonbinary members have also caucused separately.

We do not have local structures yet, although we are working toward developing them as we grow.


You can reach us at info@couragecoalition.ca

For membership-related inquiries, contact membership@couragecoalition.ca

Last updated on Mise à jour le 12 March, 2021