We call for COURAGE because climate change and inequality must be addressed head on, on a short timeline. We call for COURAGE in embracing both a movement strategy and an electoral strategy. But most of all, we call for COURAGE in pursuit of a better world — it’s not too late, but we must start now.

Courage is a democratic space for education, organizing and collective action. We are grounded in the principles of socialism, feminism, decolonization, anti-racism, migrant justice and anti-oppression.

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Our plan

Our long-term goal: social and economic transformation that prevents catastrophic climate change and asserts democratic control over the economy.

Our initial moves, however, will be relatively modest:

  • to establish a democratic space for education, organizing and action
  • to intervene in the NDP leadership race to advocate for a transformative approach
  • to gather perspectives of organizers from across the country, and share that information as a tool for development of next steps

The first step, for us, will be to listen. Read on.


Our first task is to develop a deeper shared understanding of the left in Canada: our priorities and preoccupations; what energizes us and how we envision the future. This information will guide our efforts in the crucial first few months.

Take courage!

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We’ll have lots more to announce in the coming months. Connect with us on social media and subscribe to our email list to stay in touch.


Membership is open to anyone who:

  • Agrees with our Basis of Unity
  • Is willing to dedicate 5 hours per month to helping build Courage
  • Pays the annual membership dues (sliding scale, starting at $10 annually)

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