21 January, 2022

An evening with social justice poet, El Jones

The Courage Coalition presents an evening of spoken word poetry with El Jones on February 15, 7:30 pm Toronto time.

El Jones will be entertaining her audience with the poetry of anti-oppression and life affirmation for the racialized and the marginalized. This event is meant to provide those who struggle for social and environmental justice an opportunity to listen, enjoy, and engage. El welcomes interaction with the audience.

El Jones was born in Cardiff, Wales, but raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She now calls Halifax, Nova Scotia her home. She first began performing spoken word poetry at a Word Iz Bond open mic, and later became artistic director of Word Iz Bond Spoken Word Artists Collective.

​Jones has performed all over Canada and teaches in the African Canadian Transition program at NSCC and the Women’s Studies program at Acadia University. She has written many articles for Huffington Post Canada, and in 2014, published her first book of poetry, Live from the Afrikan Resistance! (Roseway Publishing).

Jones advocates for the use of spoken word as a tool for liberation and activism. She is dedicated to using poetry to engage youth and as a resource for prison outreach, finding her inspiration in the Black community of Nova Scotia.

For a list of her poetry, links to some appearances, and a sample of her poetry and writing, go to http://www.stu-acpa.com/el-jones.html.

Join on Zoom. Passcode: 2021