Courage Halifax — 2020 Municipal Election Endorsements

The newly formed Halifac chapter of Courage would like to announce our endorsements and honourable mentions for the Halifax Municipal elections.

The following set of Questions were sent to all candidates in all districts:

1. Given our vulnerability as a coastal community, what are your ideas for combating climate change within our municipality?

2. Do you support the incremental defunding of police in HRM?

3.If you do support the incremental defunding of Halifax Police, how would you move forward with it?

4. What are some strategies you would implement to create more equitable access to services across rural, urban, and suburban HRM, such as transit, water, etc?

5. Do you see a conflict of interest with campaigns taking donations from developers why or why not??

6. Do you feel we have a poverty problem within the HRM?

7. How do you think we got here and how do we get out of it?

8. What does diversity and inclusion mean to you?

9. What additional programs/projects would you like to see funded in the community?

10. Do you feel the municipality has a role in solving a healthcare/mental health care crisis?

11. If you do feel the municipality has a role in solving a healthcare/mental health-care crisis, what are your plans/strategies to address it?

34 municipal candidates answered our questionnaire. We did not consider candidates who did not complete the questionnaire for endorsement. The respondents were:

District 1

Art Wamback

Stephan Kamperman

District 11

Patty Cuttell

Jim Hoskins

Ambroise Matwawana

Stephen Chafe

Lisa Mullin

Hannah Munday

Pete Rose

Kristen Hollery

District 12

Eric Jury

Iona Stoddard

District 13

Lain Taylor

Pam Lovelace

District 15

Jay Aaron Roy

District 2

David Boyd

David Hendsbee

District 4

Jerome Lagmay

Kevin Foran

Ryan Burris

Caroline Williston

Daryl Johnson

District 6

Douglas Day

Ibrahim Manna

District 7

Waye Mason

Craig Roy

Jen Powley

District 8

Dylan Kennedy

Virginia Hinch

District 9

Shaun Clark

Bill Carr

District 12

Eric D Jury

Mayoral Election

Mike Savage


From these respondents, Courage Halifax would like to endorse Caroline Williston (District 4), Jay Aaron Roy (District 15), Hannah Munday (District 11), and Pam Lovelace (District 13). 

Courage Halifax while not endorsing the following candidates would like to add that these candidates should seriously be considered:

Waye Mason (District 7), Jen Powley (District 7), and Iona Stoddard (District 12).