Priorité pour les resolutions au congrès 2021 du NPD
6 April, 2021

#VoteWithCourage — Priority Resolutions for the 2021 NDP Convention

Electronic voting opens shortly on priority order of resolutions for convention. This is the first time in the NDP’s history that delegates will get to democratically vote on the order of resolutions, a change won by Courage members and allies in 2018. Delegates will have the choice to rank 10 resolutions per category. This is important change allows members to decide which resolutions will get discussed and voted on, and which will unfortunately have to wait for another convention. 

Convention delegates will be able to vote online for 24 hours on Wednesday, April 7th, from 12:01am to 11:59pm ET. 

Below is a suggested ranking of resolutions per category. We have prioritized resolutions based on their impact and urgency, and based on feedback from allies and frontline communities. 

We encourage delegates to prioritize resolutions in this order so that the NDP can offer the most bold and compelling vision of the world we not only want but need. 

Suggested resolution priority by category

Section 1 – Innovating and Prospering in a New Energy Economy

  1. 01-04 Creations of a publicly-owned telecom
  2. 01-01 Abolish billionaires
  3. 01-02 Re-establish Connaught Labs as a crown corporation for domestic pharmaceutical production
  4. 01-63 Raise the minimum wage
  5. 01-31 Repeal the Red Tape Reduction Act

Section 2 – Building a Clean and Sustainable Canada

  1. 02-01 Free transit for all
  2. 02-25 Build out a national public transit network
  3. 02-31 Stop carbon intensive energy projects
  4. 02-29 For rapid conversion to renewable, green energy, no new pipelines
  5. 02-14 Working towards energy independence

Section 3 – Investing in a Canada where No One is Left Behind

  1. 03-70 Directive on free tuition, debt, and youth consultation
  2. 03-30 Decriminalization of sex work
  3. 03-18 Providing income support for election candidates
  4. 03-46 People first #COVIDzero
  5. 03-56 Breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty
  6. 03-47 Access to reproductive health measures
  7. 03-21 Reproductive rights

Section 4 – Redefining Canada’s Place in the World

  1. 04-10 Justice and peace in Israel-Palestine
  2. 04-11 Opposing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of anti-semitism
  3. 04-17 Protection for children of undocumented immigrants living in Canada
  4. 04-21 Immigration status
  5. 04-33 Hands off Venezuela

Section 5 – Governing in an Inclusive and Fair Canada

  1. 05-19 Acknowledging pre-confederate, numbered treaties and self-government agreements
  2. 05-36 Supporting 1492 Land Back Lane
  3. 05-11 Land Back
  4. 05-01 Adoption and implementation of calls for justice from the Final Report of the national inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  5. 05-13 Need for high-speed internet in rural, remote and Indigenous communities
  6. 05-15 Acknowledging pre-confederate agreements with Indigenous Peoples

Section 6 – Strengthening Human Rights and the Canadian Identity

  1. 06-16 Defund the RCMP
  2. 06-04 Clean water in Indigenous communities
  3. 06-34 Gender affirming healthcare
  4. 06-07 Conversion therapies
  5. 06-33 Rights of non-binary people and women
  6. 06-17 Record suspension program returning to the term ‘Pardons’ section 3.9

Section 7 – Constitutional Amendments and Internal Party Affairs

  1. 07-33 EDA autonomy
  2. 07-19 EDA engagement
  3. 07-05 Renaming of Aboriginal Commission
  4. 07-02 Seats for Indigenous representatives on EDAs
  5. 07-26 Democratizing the election platform
  6. 07-12 Put socialism back into the federal NDP constitution


Courage will be active and digitally present at convention, offering a space for progressive delegates to connect and collaborate. If you would like to join other delegates fighting for transformative change, please sign up to join our NDP Convention Organizing List