Priority Resolutions for the 2021 NDP Convention
1 February, 2021


After polling our national membership, Courage has created a list of resolutions that we hope you will support. We heard from many riding associations that it would not be possible for them to debate the full list of fifteen resolutions. In order to accommodate this, we created a short list of seven ambitious resolutions and are now inviting NDP riding associations across the country to consider submitting them for the upcoming Federal NDP Convention planned for April 9th to 11th. 

The short list contains one resolution per policy category, as well as one constitutional amendment. The full list of resolutions that Courage has passed and will support at convention is further below.

We strongly believe that these resolutions would connect the party to social movements across the country and their demands, improve internal democracy, and allow the NDP to offer a bold and compelling vision for the future. This vision seeks to meet the extraordinary demands of our present moment: of pandemic unrest, of social upheaval, and of economic crisis; and lays the foundation for a better, more equitable and sustainable society for all. 

We invite electoral district associations and NDP commissions to endorse the following resolutions at their upcoming general members’ meetings so that they can be debated and adopted by the convention. We have listed them in the order ranked by our membership, but invite you to submit them in whichever order you see fit. 

Short list of priority resolutions: 

Constitutional amendment: 

  1. EDA Autonomy

Policy resolutions: 

  1. Land Back
  2. Defund the RCMP
  3. Justice and Peace in Israel-Palestine
  4. Free Transit for All
  5. Abolish Billionaires
  6. Creation of a Publicly-owned Telecom

Long list of Policy Resolutions: 

  1. Build out a National Public Transit Network 
  2. Stop Carbon Intensive Projects 
  3. People First #COVIDzero 
  4. Anti IHRA Definition
  5. Cancel Student Debt 
  6. EDA Engagement
  7. Repeal the Red Tape Reduction Act 
  8. Providing Financial Support for Election Candidates 

If your EDA submits any of the resolutions, please let us know by emailing This will allow us to gauge support as we head into convention. 

If your EDA chooses to submit the EDA Autonomy constitutional amendment, we recommend that you also email the submission directly to and request that it be formally considered, despite the 100-word maximum imposed on the resolution submission form. Jesse Calvert, NDP Deputy National Director, responded to our question regarding this word limit stating that “we would determine on a case by case basis but yes, a constitutional amendment might need to be longer.” While the word limit is an obstacle, Courage believes proceeding with this amendment is critical, as it will allow us to build stronger, local parties that will be more empowered to independently organize in our neighbourhoods and communities. 

Courage will be active and digitally present at convention and we will be offering a space for progressive delegates to connect and collaborate. Membership in Courage is not required. Please circulate this form to local members to let them know how they can connect with their fellow delegates as we coordinate our efforts at convention:

Join progressive delegates from across the country:

NDP Convention Organizing 

In Solidarity,