About Courage


Over 100 people across Indigenous Territories, Quebec and Canada have been consulted in the process of building Courage. Their feedback will be reflected in our plans and early activities. That said, a smaller group has been actively working on the project in the lead up to the launch.

Nate Wallace, Fredericton
Darrah Teitel, Ottawa
Craig Sauvé, Montréal
Kiana Saint-Macary, Montréal
Malaya Powers, Montréal
Amy Parker, Ottawa
Dave Oswald Mitchell, Moose Jaw
Mathieu Mireault, Montréal
Kaitlin Milroy, Ottawa
Murray Martin, Burnaby
Julia Maksymetz, Montréal
Taela Liebenberg, Montréal
Miles Krauter, Ottawa
Paula Krasiun-Winsel, Regina
Yazan Khader, Halifax
Navjot (Nav) Kaur, Edmonton
Dru Oja Jay, Montréal
John Hutton, Montréal
Sam Hersh, Ottawa
Niall Clapham-Ricardo, Montréal
Raha Aras, Montréal
Stefan Avlijas, Vancouver


We have also asked a number of people (who generally have less time to be actively involved) to sit on an advisory panel, who will be consulted about major decisions. Their input is non-binding, but will be taken very seriously by Courage organizers.

Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Iqaluit
Kathy Wazana, Toronto
Mostafa Henaway, Montréal
Umair Mohammed, Toronto

Last updated on Mise à jour le 30 June, 2020