Basis of Unity

Our Basis of Unity presents the core values that our members agree upon, uphold, and support. It gives us the confidence of a common direction and solidarity when working together and debating issues. Our organization is a space for learning, teaching and collaboration. These shared principles improve our efforts to engage with, develop, and spread ideas and movements that we can all stand behind.

Building community and capacity: Within our organization we find a variety of identities and experiences. That is why, in our organizing spaces and beyond, we are committed to being inclusive and supportive of individuals in light of their stories and backgrounds, all while following our guiding principles. We strive to foster a culture of respect, solidarity, and learning, and we share freely amongst ourselves the skills that we’ve gathered in the process. We welcome the creativity and talents that new members bring and would like to develop. All of this, we believe, will ensure a strong and committed movement.

Democratic economic control: In our economy, most decisions are made by a small group of wealthy executives and investors who choose how to use our resources and labour. They see our lives as a tiny part of a big profit equation, and our work as a matter of concern only insofar as it can generate revenue at their behest. This arrangement must be reconfigured. We will work to build a democratic economy — one where workers have a say in how we work, how we share in the fruits of our labour, and how we fit into the economy as a whole. A democratic economic model is possible. And for those who seek fairer work, more stable employment, better wages, and respect — it is necessary.

Inclusive society: All people deserve living and working environments that are conducive to safety, fairness, and inclusion. This is why we actively oppose discrimination based on ethnicity, racialization, gender, citizenship, identity, sexuality, ability, class, employment, and religion in any capacity. We recognize that gender identity and sexuality are fluid, that sex workers are workers, and that there are those who still face daily obstacles because of how they look or who they worship. We cannot build the future we all deserve when people are systemically excluded from society, or made unwelcome in their communities. We seek to embrace all, equitably and without discrimination, and we actively support the work and leadership of organizations fighting for those facing oppression.

Working with our environment: Our generation and all future generations deserve to live in a healthy planet, free from pollution. Working people’s lives are being put at risk because of the climate crisis and our governments are refusing to take the bold, immediate action that this imminent catastrophe demands. Unsustainable resource use driven by wealthy elites is responsible for climate change, but it is we who will pay the price. For some time now, alternatives have been possible. We call for the reallocation of fossil fuel subsidies to clean energy alternatives that create stable jobs instead of dead end fossil fuel infrastructure projects. When we put people first in our economy we can prioritize social equity, and create the good, sustainable jobs we need for the future.

International solidarity: Throughout the world, people have been forced to flee their homes because of war, climate change, resource extraction, and occupation. Having embraced our common humanity, we stand in solidarity with all who face such violence, and support their efforts towards liberation — this includes the Palestinian people, whose demand for freedom and justice is long overdue. As part of our solidarity, we also insist that Canada must be a safe country for those seeking protection and safety, and we support the right of all migrants to dignity, health, and security.

Decolonization and self-determination: Canada is a nation built on occupied territory taken through bloodshed, colonization, and deals made in bad faith. We acknowledge that the Canadian state, in doing so, committed atrocities against the first inhabitants of this land, and that it has failed them today, both through its inaction and its policies. We recognize that Canada is still a colonial state and we vow to work in support of, and leadership from, Indigenous groups fighting for respect and for the right to make decisions that concern their future.

Inclusive and asymmetrical federalism: We support the right of minority communities to represent their interest as equal partners in a national federation. We recognize the principle of asymmetrical federalism because we know that we can achieve the most good when we stick together, despite differences in language, culture, and economic structures across the regions.

Last updated on Mise à jour le 21 September, 2020