Frequently Asked Questions

What does Courage plan to do?

We all have ideas, and our campaigning plans will take form and flight in the coming months. Everything we do will be developed in consultation with members, advisors, and comrades.

How does decisionmaking work?

The principle that we work from is: the more consequential the decision, the more participation (especially from those affected) should be required. So a change to the basis of unity or a three-month action plan would require a consultation, discussion and general vote, while a decision about who the wording of a press release would be limited to an organizing committee.

Are the organizing committees elected?

For the moment, the organizing committees are selected by the founding members. So the short answer is not right now.

As a geographically-dispersed organization, we want to be able to establish support and good working relationships while building a culture of inclusion. Our goal is to phase in elected representation.At the same time, we’re working to create a culture of broad participation and decision making.

How can I get involved?

The first step is to take our survey. If you choose to become a member, you’ll get access to our online organizing forum, and we’ll introduce you to other Courage folks in your area. In general, following us on social media and subscribing to our email list are great ways to stay informed.

What is your position on issue X?

The Basis of Unity is our foundation of shared values. We won’t necessarily be taking positions on every issue. We are interested in social and economic transformation and decolonization, and will be working towards those goals with the best tools we can find.

Do I have to be a member of the NDP to get involved?


I am involved in the NDP. Isn’t this like joining another party?

No! Lots of NDP members are involved in Courage as well as lots of different political organizations and social justice movements. Courage is a movement, not a Party.

But this is an NDP thing, right?

Our goal is to create a place for lefties to find the most effective collective action for our long-term goals, and organize that action. That might involve elections and leadership races some of the time, but all of us agree that elections aren’t enough to bring about the kind of change we want.

Are you secretly a front for leadership candidate Y?

Nope nope nope.

Will Courage endorse a leadership candidate?

The only thing we know is that we’ll decide, by a vote of the membership, a) if that’s the best use of our resources , and b) if so, whom — probably sometime this summer. We’ll also discuss other forms of collective action at the same time.

Why have an Advisory Panel?

The Advisory Panel is a way for us to gain the benefit of perspectives of people who don’t have time for intense involvement, and it’s also a way to honour people who have a wealth of experience that can help make our work more effective.

Do advisors have the right to veto decisions made by the membership?

No. The opinion of those on the panel are strictly non-binding, but they are taken seriously by the organizers.

How does Courage organize locally?

Informally, and energetically! We don’t have any formal local structures, but once a particular riding, municipality or province reaches a certain threshold (TBD) of membership, we’ll hold elections and establish structures to give some shape and democratic accountability to local organizing.

Last updated on Mise à jour le 11 November, 2017