13 February, 2018

Decriminalization Resolution

Canada’s overdose crisis is getting worse, not better. Last year, there were more than 4,000 deaths. In 2018, there will be more.

Together, we’re pressuring the NDP to decriminalize possession of all drugs, to end the war on drug users.

In Ottawa alone, where convention is being held, there are an average of four overdoses every day — that we know about. Many more refuse to call 911 for fear of arrest.

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The following resolution has been endorsed by Courage:

BE IT RESOLVED that Section 3.1.h in the policy book be amended to read:

  1. Adopting an evidence-based harm reduction approach to drug use and health delivery.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Section 3.1.h be amended to read:

  1. Decriminalizing drug possession and developing legislation to shift drug policy from the criminal justice system into the regulatory framework of healthcare.
  2. Promoting policies that tackle the root causes of addiction;
  3. Reallocating policing and incarceration resources to fund: education, treatment; and harm reduction programs;
  4. Establishing a mechanism to automatically pardon all individuals with criminal records for possession of narcotics for personal use;